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riotgun.... The story itself is an interesting one indeed. During the post-"riot" year of '93, following the wake of the famed "L.A. Uprising" (the L.A. riots to the rest of the world), a small band of individuals grouped together to form a unit of musical collaboration. Their mission... create and perform music that represents the trials and tribulations of our American Working populations. Blue collar and possessing a notion of musical defiance against the mainstream "punk" populus, "riotgun." set out to conquer the world in the name of "Americore". Their own personal interpretation of Punk, Oi!, and Hardcore (in the traditional sense) and Rawk n' roll.

11 years of beer, guts and out of hand chaos and these So. Cal. miscreants still manage to rank in the OC Weekly 129 Greatest OC Bands of all Time at the position of 82, beating out the likes of No Doubt, Save Ferris and light weight rockers Lit, while tailing behind OC mainstays The Adolescents, Social Distortion and Jose Feliciano. Maybe punks last hope is this rag tag band of old school hooligans, or maybe they are the bringers of the apacolypse. Anyway, it's all good when these boys hit the stage.


Larry "Lugz" Hernandez- guitar/vox-Did time in Motorpsycho, Lugnut, Flesh Weapon, Sikky Velvette, DOGMASK, filled in as the only guy to ever play in The Fabulous Tuscaderos, writes (or has written for) for Americore, Skratch, PUNK, Flex Your Head, Rebel Noise, Flipside, and misc. underground rags world wide (too many to remember) punk rock journalist scum!

Matt "Bone" Merrow- Drums/vox- Did time in CNC, Cucial Fix and currently doing a life sentence in Provider. Invented the 16 barrel carberator and kegerator.

Tyler "T-Ball" Dragness- guitar/vox- Did time in Big Disappointment, Scaredycat, Apocalypse WOW and Eight Equals D (8=D). Adding the perfect amount of accuracy and chaos he makes all that is insane seem crazier. Buy this man a ham sandwich damnit!

Anthony "The Vic" Victoria- bass/vox- Rounding off the unit with intense blasts of bass mayhem and solid rythmn perfection. He keeps the unit tight, solid and up to speed with his over the top abilities and teeth grinding perfection. Probably the solid bass back bone the band has needed for years. Did time with Lugz in the early 90s in the notorious DOGMASK.

Copyright 2004, riotgun. and Americore!

Copyright 2004, riotgun. and Americore!